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“Fifty Shades of STUFF”

What is STUFF?

‘STUFF’ stands for ‘Studievereniging Faculteit Filosofie’ (Study Association Faculty of Philosophy). STUFF was founded in 2004 as an association for philosophy students at the University of Groningen to enhance the contact between students.

What does STUFF do?

Every year, we organise different activities, starting with the introduction period. We organise an introduction camp, as well as the mentorship. The rest of the year, we organise the studytrip, careerdays, a beer pong tournament, monthly drinks as well as many different activities. 

Additionally, STUFF facilitates the Qualia: a philosophical magazine consisting of philosophical essays, interviews and other philosophy-related texts. This is all written by our own philosophy students.

Character of STUFF

Our study has a small faculty with a sociable and open atmosphere. This characteristic is  also found in our association.  The faculty of philosophy has a great diversity of students, with many different political preferences, lifestyles and personal opinions. Our association therefore has a great diversity in activities as well, so everyone feels at home!

Becoming a member

Everyone who is a student at our faculty can become a member of STUFF. Membership costs €15,- per year. Every member is invited to our activities, recieves a paper copy of the Qualia and can get a discount on their study books. You can become a member of STUFF via the page ‘become a member’.

Active membership

As a member of STUFF, there are multiple ways in which you can become active. You can become a member of a committee at the beginning of the year, join one of the STUFF bands, or become an editor for the Qualia.


The website is meant to show general information about our association, but if you have any further questions, you can message our secretary Hanna (06-36592191), or chair Lieke (06-23127870). We’re eager to help you!

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The board of Wieggers I


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