Faculty Council

Faculty Council

The faculty council is made up of elected students, professors and employees of the Faculty of Philosophy and has meetings about faculty matters. The council has a meeting cycle of six week, containing a meeting with the council only, and another meeting with both the faculty board and faculty council. At these meetings they discuss ongoing matters, start initiatives and goals are aligned.
Examples of standard topics are the faculty budget and the “OER’en”(education and exam rules). The faculty council also gives their opinion about the content of faculty programmes and the faculty’s policies.

The faculty council has an advising role and is allowed to criticize constructively when needed.

Being a council member is a great way to get to know university politics, the faculty’s policies and to let your ideas be heard. As a member you are a part of the OMF (Public Participation of Philosophy).

Do you have any ideas, remarks or advise for the faculty council, you can reach them at [email protected] or you can address one of the student members:

Suze van Schaik
Jimmy Lin
Anniek Havinga
Tessel Bartelse
Heleen Groote
Hidde Brummer (secretaris)

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