What career prospects do philosophers have? How do you use philosophy in your daily life, or in your future?

The Filocie of STUFF is the committee that focusses on answering these questions. We do this by organizing philosophical events at which we take philosophy out of the classroom. We organize career days, at which you can discover where philosophy students end up, or student-professor drinks, ‘gezellige’ evenings where you get to know your professors. Also there will be philosophical movie lectures, aside from more than enough other fun and enriching activities.

You can reach the Filocie at [email protected], or you can send a message to the chair Lieke Wieggers (+31623127870)

Members of the Filocie
Lieke Wieggers
Sil Folkertsma
Heleen Groote
Tobias Postma
(Co-)Internal Affairs
Jondahl Klomp
(Co-)Internal Affairs
Garmt Hartman
External Affairs

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