“We have art in order not to die of the truth” – Friedrich Nietzsche

And there’s some truth in that. The eternal philosophical search for the truth is sometimes quite tiring; that is why the Artcie offers you, a philosophy student, a beacon of hope in the form of art. We organize artistic activities and events: think of film evenings, an art quiz, workshops and museum excursions. We design posters for STUFF events that also brighten up our philosophical faculty. We also photograph at these events and bundle them in the almanac. We furthermore illustrate for the Qualia and  are available if you need a design. 

Do you have a great idea, great project or do you just want to share your opinion about that one film? You can always contact one of us or send us a message. The Artcie can also be reached via [email protected].

Follow us on instagram (@stuffartcie) to stay tuned!

Members of the Artcie
Bernau Streekstra
Luna de Klein
Darren van Rijswijk
Amber Lubbers
General member
Juul van Dijk
General member
Timo Lammers
General member

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