Board Wieggers I

Hello! We are the 18th STUFF board. But who are we actually? A short introduction:

Lieke Wieggers – Chairman

Lieke has shaved her head. Twice already! With the same dedication, she will be our chairman next year. Her tasks will include chairing meetings, drawing up agendas and being the point of contact for our board. When she applied for the position, however, she did not realize that the 18th board would bear her last name. She still has to get used to that.

Hanna Boven – Secretary

As one of the two gingers on this board, Hanna is easy to spot. Furthermore, she has a sparkling personality, a radiant smile and she can type with 10 fingers! This is quite useful since she has become STUFF’s secretary. Keeping track of minutes and administration, writing the monthly member’s email and generally often sitting behind the laptop is part of her job. This piece of text was definitely not written by her.

Heleen Groote – Treasurer & Commissioner Faculty and Education

Heleen. The other ginger. You may not have seen her walking around very much; she is very busy with chemistry, her second study, she practices several sports and she can also often be found with her club mates at Albertus Magnus. That doesn’t matter, we’ve at least roped her into STUFF for this year. Heleen is our treasurer. She will pull out all the stops to ensure that the budget for next year is sufficient to allow STUFF to retain the cozy character that our association is known for. As the Comminsioner of Faculty and Education, she will also make sure that the communication between STUFF and our faculty will run smoothly.

Marilène van der Veen – Internal Commissioner

Marilène is a good chatterbox. She tells it like it is. She has an on button, but no off button. We accept this from her, because these are exactly the qualities that make her so suitable for the position of internal commissioner. This means that she will mainly focus on the committees and all the events they organize within STUFF. She’s now entering her sophomore year of the bachelor’s degree, but still barely knows a decent drinking game. That needs to be worked on.

Femke Lemstra – External Commissioner

Although she is not the only Frisian woman on the course, Femke is unique in her ability to make people believe that she is from Amsterdam. She doesn’t even have to put in the effort, that’s just how she sounds. Femke is our external commissioner. Sponsors, sister associations and the book discount are therefore part of her domain. You can also recognize her by her nose piercings and long brown hair, which she has insisted for two years that she will donate it. Maybe this year?

We look forward to all the activities and fun. Hopefully we can all make it a fantastic year together.

Board of 2021-2022
Lieke Wieggers (chairwoman)
Hanna Boven (secretary)
Heleen Groote (treasurer and commissioner of Faculty and Education)
Marilene van der Veen (commissioner of Internal affairs)
Femke Lemstra (commissioner of External affairs)

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