Board Bergsma I

Hello! We are the 19th STUFF board. But who are we actually? A short introduction:

Jasmijn Bergsma – Chair

Jasmine is a feisty lady, although she hates it when we call her that. Of course, we say this to tease her a bit, but when Jasmijn wants to get something done, it happens. In addition to her second year on the faculty, she also happily started pabo this year. With all this busyness, she still manages to chair STUFF’s board with ease. Thus, she leads meetings like she was born for it, brings her ideas to life and serves her fellow board members her best meals during meetings. She will do her best this year to keep everyone on their toes, and we are sure she will be very successful.

Maaike Blom – Secretary and Commisioner of  Educational Affairs

Last academic year, Maaike was an award-winning dancer. Now that she is busy with her board duties, she has exchanged that for dancing at the club. Maaike is definitely not a quitter; if everyone else is already in bed, you can still find her at Warhol. That Maaike is not a quitter is also reflected in her dedication to her position as Secretary. She will write the minutes and many mails this year, and as Commissioner of Educational Affairs she will maintain good contact with the faculty. Maaike stands for her views and keeps us all on our toes. She is the moral compass of this board and yes, sometimes the rest needs that. She doesn’t just take the easy way out, which makes Maaike an indispensable member of this board.

Tessel Bartelse – Treasurer

Tessel was already the treasurer of a committee last year and may also get involved in the financial affairs of the association this year. Budgets and invoices, Tessel knows it all. So if you have questions about the money, you can come to him. Small disclaimer: chances are very high that he wakes up an hour before the appointment and still has to clean the bathroom, so you may have to wait a while. Fortunately, he makes up for it right away with his enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Furthermore, Tessel is an incredibly sweet guy to whom you can always turn for a listening ear. That should work out this year!

Noah Poesiat – Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Noah is a true mediator and one of his most common phrases is “Everything is fine”. Yet he goes all the way when he does have a clear opinion about something and makes sure everything works out. Whether it is about resolving a conflict or creating the right vibe in a group, Noah is the right person for the job. The role of Commisioner of Internal Affairs within the association is thus in safe hands. He will deal with the committees and their events and make sure the communication within the association runs smoothly. Can’t find him for a while? Then look outside. There he is probably standing in his natural habitat with a cigarette in his mouth.

Merle Hoebe – Commissioner of External Affairs

Merle is a jack of all trades, she is smart, social, has perseverance, is helpful and so on. All these qualities make her the perfect Commisioner of External Affairs. We are therefore confident that Merle will be able to arrange sponsorships, maintain contact with sister associations and, not to forget, organize the MUF camp (MUUUF). You can recognize Merle by her nose piercing, her talent for taking selfies from above and a cheerful appearance. Finally, you can’t have such good smoke breaks with anyone as you can with Merle, also definitely not unimportant.

We look forward to all the activities and fun. Hopefully we can all make it a fantastic year together.

Board of 2023-2024
Jasmijn Bergsma (Chair)
Maaike Blom (Secretary and Commissioner of Educational Affairs)
Tessel Bartelse (Treasurer)
Noah Poesiat (Commissioner of Internal Affairs)
Merle Hoebe (Commissioner of External affairs)

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